TSGL has reserved tee times for nine-hole rounds Monday and Thursday mornings, generally starting at 8:30 AM, in season, at the Pine Meadows Golf Club.

Members can

  • Sign up in advance for a tee time and pay the appropriate senior Lexington-resident weekday rate ($19 for 2021) or senior non-Lexington-resident weekday rate ($20 for 2021), except for holidays, as appropriate for each round.
  • Optionally play in fun, once-a-month tournaments.

The Course

The Pine Meadows Golf Club is a public, nine-hole golf course located at 255 Cedar Street, Lexington, MA 02421, (781) 862-5516, It is owned by the Town of Lexington and managed by the New England Golf Corporation.

The Planning Committee
  • Arranges 9-hole golf rounds for members and provides the necessary communication with the course and town, handicaps, rules, and pairings.
  • Arranges member tournaments and collects fees to support them and other membership activities
  • Acknowledges members’ illnesses, deaths, and other life events through visiting, talking, sending cards and flowers, and notifying other members.
  • Arranges occasional “excursions” opportunities to Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire courses for members who have expressed interest.
  • Encourages camaraderie on the course and at events like a year-end luncheon.

The Committee decides by majority consensus on issues related to the existence and functioning of The Senior Golf League. Emeritus members are non-voting advisors. Committee members are added by a majority agreement of the current Committee members.

Planning Committee Members and Responsibilities

Arthur DaltasMeetings chair, Town & Course liaison, excursions, Treasurer
Mike MickelsenHandicapper, communications, assistant Treasurer
Andy RittenburgDaily pairings/Starter
Eric BaatzRules, webmaster
John DemoyEmeritus
Jim KirkEmeritus
Youngjo SulEmeritus
Peter YeeEmeritus

Contact Us
Members of the Planning Committee can be contacted:
  1. At the Pine Meadows Golf Club clubhouse on Monday and Thursday mornings, or
  2. By sending an e-mail message to The Senior Golf League management e-mail address, or
  3. By filling out and submitting the following form.

Use the following form for general communication with the Planning Committee. It is not for making tee time requests. If you want to request a tee time with the group, click here.

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