First, check out a bit of who we are and some pictures. Then onto the details just below.

Mary Snow, Michael Finkle, Andy Rittenburg, and Debbie Heneghan on the Pine Meadows Ninth Green September 14, 2020


Membership Requirements

  • Be a senior, that is, be at least 60 years old.
  • Have some experience playing golf and a desire to continue to enjoy playing it.
  • Live in the greater Lexington, MA area or have ties to it.
  • Expect to play at least several rounds with The Senior Golf League (TSGL) each year.
  • Be willing to pay the League’s yearly dues.

To Join

We love adding new members to our great mix of golfers. A prospective member only needs to talk with a Planning Committee member about their expectations, play a couple of rounds to get to know each other, be accepted by the Committee, and begin payment of dues ($10 for 2021).

Getting Started
  1. if you know a current member, ask him or her to connect you with a Planning Committee member.
  2. Or visit Pine Meadows Golf Club on a Monday or Thursday morning, 8:00 to 8:30 AM, and talk to a Planning Committee member. We may be able to get you a round with us that day; although we do reserve tee times in advance, so all slots may be filled. Other times of the week, ask the course personnel for our contact information.
  3. Or fill out and submit the form in the Contact Us section of the About Us page.