2022 TSGL Season-Long Championship

The person(s) with the most points from our six 2022 tournaments is the winner. Click here to see the details of the competition.

Below are the final standings.

You can sort the rows of the table below by clicking on the arrowheads at the top of the columns. You can search for a member’s name by entering part of their name into the Search field. You can see more rows by clicking on the “Next” at the bottom right of the table.

Scramble - May 54P Best Ball - Jun 6Individual Net - Jul 72P Blind Draw - Aug 12P Best Ball - Sep 8Scramble - Oct 3Total
Baatz, Eric3223111
Paine, Ros3328
Weiland, Karl3317
Levy, Steven32117
Barbera, Arthur3137
Han, Ken2316
Colantropo, Jim3126
Allen, Walter336
Yee, Peter2215
Wilson, Ted1315
O'Connor, Mike3115
Mickelsen, Mike21115
Lim, Frank21115
Kerr, Walter2215
Flynn, Jay325
Black, David325
Thompson, Mark314
Dwyer, John1214
Daltas, Arthur1214
Atkins, Rick224
Wanderer, Thomas33
Wales, Ted33
Ste. Marie, Phil33
Sciarretta, Bill33
Rittenburg, Andy123
Peters, Art33
McDonald, Dave123
Magro, Ric123
Kvaal, Bob33
Kane, John213
Foley, Ed33
Arenburg, Bruce123
Weatherbee, Rich22
Snow, Mary22
Kirk, Jim22
Healy, Don22
Girard, Bob112
Garland, Jeff22
Finkle, Michael112
Condon, Bill22
Conant, Dick22
Berry, Steven22
Stuart, Doug11
Marrier, Paul11
Driscoll, Bob11
Breen, John11

Recent Closest-to-the-Pin Winners

In the table below:

  1. Click on the up and down arrowheads at the top of a column to sort the table based on that column
  2. To sort the table based first on a column and then within that on a second column, click on the first column and hold the Shift Key and click on the second column. For example, to find the closest shot on Hole 7, click on the Hole column (which sorts the table into all the Hole 3 rows followed by the Hole 7 rows followed by the Hole 9 rows), hold down your Shift key and then click on the top of the Distance (feet decimal) column. (Note that you cannot sort on the Distance (feet Imperial) column.)
  3. You can search for a member’s name by entering part of their name into the Search field.
  4. You can see more rows by clicking on the “Next” at the bottom right of the table.

Tournament DateHoleWhoDistance (feet Imperial)Distance (feet decimal)
2022-10-037Magro, Ric6'-1"6.083
2022-10-039Magro, Ric7'-7"7.583
2022-09-087Driscol, Bob5'-10 1/2"5.875
2022-09-089Girard, Bob8'-7"8.583
2022-08-017Daltas, Arthur9'-2 1/2"9.208
2022-08-019Girard, Bob10'-2"10.167
2022-07-077O'Connor, Mike11'-8 1/2"11.708
2022-07-079Breen, John11'-1"11.083
2022-06-067Levy, Steven11'-8 1/2"11.708
2022-06-069Baatz, Eric19'-1 1/2"19.125
2022-05-067Levy, Steven6'-1"6.083
2022-05-059Kvaal, Bob5'-11"5.917
2021-10-077Baatz, Eric13'-9"13.750
2021-10-079Dwyer, John12'-9 1/2"12.792
2021-09-167Demoy, John23'-2"23.167
2021-09-169Mickelsen, Mike11'-5 1/2"11.458
2021-08-027Mickelsen, Mike6'-6 1/2"6.542
2021-08-029O'Connor, Mike10'-6"10.500
2021-07-157Baatz, Eric7'-10"7.833
2021-07-159Marrier, Paul19'-6 1/2"19.542
2021-06-037Levy, Steven3'-1"3.083
2021-06-039Yee, Peter4'-8"4.667
2021-05-037Jarvis, Guy9'-3"9.250
2021-05-039Heneghan, Debbie7'-10"7.833
2020-10-087Baatz, Eric16'-1"16.083
2020-10-089Magro, Ric7'-7"7.583
2020-09-097Wales, Ted37'-3 1/2"37.292
2020-09-099Fitzpatrick, Ken11'-7"11.583
2020-08-087Kirk, Jim32'32.000
2020-08-089Thompson, Mark10'-2"10.167
2020-07-067Mickelsen, Mike11'-4"11.333
2020-07-069Demoy, John5'-11"5.917
2020-06-047Garland, Jeff9'-2"9.167
2020-06-049Wales, Ted17'-4"17.333
2019-10-217Peters, Art15'-3/4"15.063
2019-10-219Demoy, John3'-10"3.833
2019-09-097Kirk, Jim14'-5 1/2"14.458
2019-09-099Mickelsen, Mike6'-8"6.667
2019-08-087Kelly, Bob34'34.000
2019-08-089Yee, Paul19'19.000
2019-07-097Casissie, John4'4.000
2019-07-099Kelly, Bob11'-8"11.667
2019-06-067Yee, Peter??
2019-06-069Levy, Steven??
2019-05-067Dina, Val12'-8"12.667
2019-05-069O'Connor, Mike6'-11"6.917
2018-10-227Yee, Peter23'-10"23.833
2018-10-229Dina, Val5'-2"5.167
2018-09-107Kelly, Bob20'-3"20.250
2018-09-109Baatz, Eric6'-6"6.500
2018-08-097Baatz, Eric14'-11"14.917
2018-08-099Baatz, Eric6'6.000
2018-07-097Baatz, Eric10'-8 3/4"10.729
2018-07-099Chefalo, Jim16'-5"16.417
2018-06-077Dwyer, John19'-10"19.833
2018-06-079Baatz, Eric15'-4"15.333
2018-05-077Yee, Peter12'-4 1/4"12.354
2018-05-079Demoy, John7'-5"7.417
2017-10-127Mickelsen, Mike6'-10"6.833
2017-10-129Barbera, Arthur4'-5"4.417
2017-09-117Demoy, John3'-11"3.917
2017-09-119Kelley, Bill9'-3"9.250
2017-08-107Baatz, Eric8'-9 1/4"8.771
2017-08-109Kelley, Bill8'-11"8.917
2017-07-107Atkins, Ric6'-2"6.167
2017-07-109Stewart, John6'-1"6.083
2017-06-087Stewart, John13'-4"13.333
2017-06-089Sul, Youngjo6'-2"6.167
2017-05-087Yee, Peter20'-1"20.083
2017-05-089Demoy, John4'-6"4.500
2016-10-137Kerr, Walter11'-6 1/2"11.542
2016-10-139Demoy, John7'-5"7.417
2016-09-127Muraki, Shinji13'-6 3/4"13.563
2016-09-129Rittenburg, Andy2'-8"2.667
2016-08-117Kreutziger, Ken31'-11"31.917
2016-08-119Dina, Val9'-10"9.833
2016-07-117Baatz, Eric8'-7"8.583
2016-07-119Baatz, Eric16'-6"16.500
2016-06-097Daltas, Arthur7'-10"7.833
2016-06-099Bernier, Jacques7'-10"7.833
2016-05-097Stewart, John9'-8"9.667
2016-05-099Magro, Ric10'10.000
2015-10-017Baatz, Eric3'-3 1/4"3.271
2015-10-019Galamb, Evelyn6'-1/4"6.021
2015-09-147Kirk, Jim33'-3"33.250
2015-09-149Seaquist, Dave10'-7"10.583
2015-08-137Baatz, Eric12'12.000
2015-08-139Barbera, Arthur8'8.000
2015-07-133Han, Ken??
2015-06-047Kirk, Jim7'-7"7.583
2015-06-049Yoshizumi, Galen18'18.000
2015-05-047Yee, Peter8'-6"8.500
2015-05-049Barbera, Arthur2'-4"2.333
2014-10-027Mickelsen, Mike12'-1"12.083
2014-10-029Fitzpatrick, Ken7'-2"7.167
2014-09-087Demoy, John1'-4"1.333
2014-09-089Mickelsen, Mike17'-2"17.167
2014-08-077Baatz, Eric3'-11 1/4"3.938
2014-08-079Yee, Peter10'-1/2"10.042
2014-07-077Stewart, John??
2014-07-079Barrow, John??
2014-06-127Demoy, John4'-3"4.250
2014-06-129Barbera, Arthur9'-3"9.250
2014-05-057Baatz, Eric4'-4 3/8"4.365
2014-05-059Demoy, John2'-9 1/4"2.771
2013-10-037Kreutziger, Ken3'-5"3.417
2013-10-039Han, Ken2'-9"2.750
2013-09-057Dry, Dave??
2013-09-059Demoy, John??
2013-08-087Dry, Dave15'-6"15.500
2013-08-089Ste. Marie, Phil2'-11 3/4"2.979
2013-07-187Dry, Dave6'-8"6.667
2013-07-189Demoy, John6'-8"6.667
2013-05-067Demoy, John??
2013-05-069Pierce, Donnie??
2012-10-257Santoro, Gene5'-2"5.167
2012-10-259Courant, Reinier12'12.000
2012-09-249Courant, Reinier??
2012-08-307Marcolina, Alan16'-1"16.083
2012-08-309Agostino, Pat13'-9"13.750
2012-07-237Muraki, Shinji??
2012-07-239Pierce, Donnie??

Recent Tournament Winners

In the table below:

  1. Click on the up and down arrowheads at the top of a column to sort the table based on that column
  2. To sort the table based first on a column and then within that on a second column, click on the first column and hold the Shift Key and click on the second column. For example, to find the lowest winning score of a Blind Draw Net tournament, click on the Type column (which sorts the table alphabetically so Row 1 is the only Best Ball Net 2 tournament, Row 2 is the only Best Ball Net 4 tournament, and Row 3 begins many rows of Blind Draw Net tournaments), hold down your Shift key and then click on the top of the leftmost Score column. In the first Blind Draw Net row, you’ll see that on July 7, 2014 John Stewart and Art Peters had a sensational net 59 and that Reinier Courant and Pat Agostino had preceded them on August 30, 2012. (If you’re interested, you can scroll down the page to the 2014 Tournament Results section and see what John and Art shot individually.)
  3. You can search for a member’s name by entering part of their name into the Search field. For example, typing “Barbera” (without the quotes) displays 15 rows, meaning that Arthur Barbera has finished “in the money” 15 times in our records. Oh, and Jim Kirk has too.
  4. You can see more rows by clicking on the “Next” at the bottom right of the table.

Tournament DateType1st PlaceScore2ndScore3rdScore4thScore5thScore6thScore
2022-10-03Scramble 4Allen/Sciarretta/Foley/Barbera33Magro/Garland/Rittenburg/Arenburg34Paine/Conant/Colantropo/Flynn34
2022-09-08Best Ball Net 2Baatz/Han32Dwyer/McDonald33Daltas/Condon33
2022-08-01Blind Draw NetPaine/Wilson68Baatz/Kerr69Magro/Lim71
2022-07-07Individual NetAllen, Walter32Thompson, Mark32Levy, Steven33McDonald, Dave34Rittenburg, Andy34
2022-06-06Best Ball Net 4Paine/Levy/Weiland/Barbera27Baatz/Black/Healy/Snow28Atkins/Kerr/Yee/Berry28
2022-05-05Scramble 4Kvaal/Colantropo/Weiland/Peters34O'Connor/Black/Wanderer34Baatz/Wales/Ste.Marie/Flynn34
2021-10-07Individual NetThompson, Mark34Levy, Steven35Demoy, John35Fischer, John36Arenburg, Bruce36
2021-09-16Best Ball Net 4Magro/Sciarretta/Kerr/Thompson29Daltas/Demoy/McDonald/Thompson29O'Connor/Garland/Foley, Ed/Snow30
2021-08-02Scramble, Drop 4Baatz/Colantropo/Breen30Mickelsen/Kirk/Barbera34Kvaal/Spence/Weiland/Fitzpatrick34
2021-07-15Best Ball Net 2Atkins/Flynn28Colantropo/Wilson31Compton/Rittenburg32
2021-06-03Scramble 4Fischer/Kvaal,Colantropo/Snow31Girard/O'Connor/Sciarretta/Mungo33Cameron/Garland/Lombardi/Barbera34
2021-05-03Blind Draw NetDaltas/Wiseman67Kirk/Heneghan72Baatz/Kerr73
2020-10-08Individual NetGarland, Jeff32Healy, Don33Mickelsen, Mike34
2020-09-09Blind Draw NetBaatz/Thompson72Wales/Garland72Demoy/Kerr73
2020-08-08Blind Draw NetRittenburg/Kerr71Girard/Carroll73Demoy/Ste. Marie73
2020-07-06Scramble 4Baatz/Chefalo/Levy/Condon32Mickelsen/Demoy/Han/Carroll33
2020-06-04Individual NetMagro, Ric33Daltas, Arthur34Demoy/Dwyer/Levy/Mickelsen/Yee36
2019-10-21Individual NetYoshizumi, Galen32Chefalo, Jim32Yee, Paul32
2019-09-09Blind Draw NetRusso/Kerr64Magro/Peters70Demoy/Kreutziger71
2019-08-08Blind Draw NetO'Connor/Snow70Kelly/Rittenburg73Caissie/Parseghian76
2019-07-09Scramble 4Dwyer/Condon/Blauer/Fedoroff33Chefalo/Heneghan/Stewart/Garland33
2019-06-06Blind Draw NetMagro/Barrow67Marrier/Ste. Marie67
2019-05-06Blind Draw NetMickelsen/Yoshizumi74Daltas/Rittenburg76Spence/Kirk77
2018-10-22Individual NetBarbera, Arthur30Sodano, Roy32Dina, Val35
2018-09-10Blind Draw NetMarrier/Fitzpatrick67Kelly/Barbera68O'Connor/Peters68
2018-08-09Blind Draw NetKirk/Yoshizumi70Magro/Condon70Caissie/Kerr72
2018-07-09Scramble 4Marrier/Chefalo/Snow/Daltas32Heneghan/Baatz/Carroll/Kirk34
2018-06-07Individual NetChefalo, Jim32Garland, Jeff33Wright, Jim34Baatz, Eric35Niven, Norm35Parseghian, Paul35
2018-05-07Blind Draw NetDemoy/Rittenburg65Kelley/Agostino68Kirk/Barbera73
2017-10-12Blind Draw NetDina/Barbera64Breen/Frazier66Parseghian/Yoshizumi67
2017-09-11Blind Draw NetMagro/Burge66Daltas/Barbera69Parseghian/Yee, Peter70
2017-08-10Blind Draw NetBaatz/Condon62Mickelsen/Tobey68Parseghian/Yee, Peter71
2017-07-10Scramble 4O'Connor/Atkins/Peters/Barbera35Stewart/Daltas/Dina/Condon36
2017-06-08Blind Draw NetBaatz/Peters72Demoy/Yee, Ken73Sul/Griswold74
2017-05-08Blind Draw NetMickelsen/Mungo69Barbera/Daltas76Kirk/Peters77
2016-10-13Blind Draw NetMahoney/Rittenburg72Ste. Marie/Griswold73Barbera/Sodano74
2016-09-12Blind Draw NetStewart/Churchill67Yee, Peter/Sciarretta69Cameron/Kerr71
2016-08-11Blind Draw NetKreutziger/Agostino70Mickelsen/Daltas72Baatz/Griswold74
2016-07-11Scramble 4Demoy/Sciaretta/Barbera/Churchill34Baatz/Yoshizumi/Sharkey/Mungo35
2016-06-09Blind Draw NetChang/Blauer68Yee, Peter/Barrow69Daltas/Peters70
2016-05-09Blind Draw NetDemoy/Dina69Magro/Sul74Stewart/Peters74
2015-10-01Blind Draw NetBaatz/Sul70Daltas/Peters72Garland/Santoro73
2015-09-14Blind Draw NetYee, Peter/Galamb, Evelyn70Stewart/Mungo74Cameron/Seaquist75
2015-08-13Blind Draw NetBaatz/Peters65Yee, Peter/Burke68Barbera/Torossian68
2015-07-13Scramble 4Sul/Seaquist/Kirk/Kreutziger34Han/Mungo/Galamb, Evelyn/Galamb, Marty34
2015-06-04Blind Draw NetGalamb, Marty/Ste. Marie72Paine/Santord73Yee, Peter/Torossian74
2015-05-04Blind Draw NetMickelsen/Kreutziger68Kirk/Agostino73Stewart/Sul76
2014-10-02Blind Draw NetYee, Peter/Torossian71Demoy/MaClean74Paine/Burke74
2014-09-08Blind Draw NetKirk/Dina73Chang/Barrow74Demoy/Barbera75
2014-08-07Blind Draw NetKirk/Louie67Frazier/Sul68Kerr/Dina70
2014-07-07Blind Draw NetStewart/Peters59Han/Blauer65Chang/Barrow67
2014-06-12Blind Draw NetYee, Peter/Agostino64Mickelsen/Reczer65Baatz/Gorczyca67
2014-05-05Blind Draw NetMickelsen/Santoro67Yee, Peter/Louie67Foley, Mike/Kerr70
2013-10-03Blind Draw NetPaine/Pierce70Han/Mickelsen72Kerr/Kreutziger74
2013-09-05Blind Draw NetKirk/Kerr72Demoy/Agostino73Ste. Marie/Santoro73
2013-08-08Blind Draw NetKirk/Kerr70Currant/Santoro70Dry/Peters71
2013-07-18Blind Draw NetKirk/Louie68Kirk/Sul71Barbera/Kerr73
2013-06-06Individual NetTorossian, Carl29Ste. Marie, Phil29Noonan, Joe31
2013-05-06Blind Draw NetGilman/Yee, Peter61Pierce/Kerr70Dry/Mitchell70
2012-10-25Blind Draw NetBarbera/Kreutziger65Dry/Santoro66Yee, Peter/Kirk76
2012-09-24Blind Draw NetBarbera/Sul65Demoy/Garland70Clark/Gilman72Noonan/Peters72
2012-08-30Blind Draw NetCourant/Agostino59Mitchell/Peters63Kirk/Napoleon69
2012-07-23Blind Draw NetMickelsen/Clark63Courant/Peters66Noonan/Sul68Pierce/Agostino69

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