We have all said “That would have been a great round if it wasn’t for that one hole.” The below carries that to an extreme. Each member has two rows. The first is their best gross score for the year on each hole, and a total on the right for the nine holes, and the second is the best net score for the year on each hole, and a total on the right for the nine holes.

Click on the arrowheads at the top of a column to sort on that column. Search for a member’s name by entering part of their name into the Search field. See more rows by clicking on the “Next” at the bottom right of the table.

The data is for all the members’ 2021 rounds used for handicapping.

NameRoundsHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9HandicapBest GrossBest Net
Allen, Walter455444233333
Allen, Walter444332323528
Arenburg, Bruce1467434455442
Arenburg, Bruce4521223321824
Atkins, Rick855334343333
Atkins, Rick443232423627
Baatz, Eric3755334333231
Baatz, Eric443233322526
Barbera, Arthur3466435344338
Barbera, Arthur4431313221523
Barr, Jack776434455442
Barr, Jack5431223331626
Barrow, John966435335338
Barrow, John4432422421127
Berry, Steve1766435345339
Berry, Steve4432323321326
Black, David1346324344232
Black, David352132331923
Breen, John1255234334231
Breen, John441232232823
Cameron, Jerry1554333244331
Cameron, Jerry433322443328
Chang, John B.355445355440
Chang, John B.444342444733
Chefalo, Jim556335344336
Chefalo, Jim453243433531
Colantropo, Jim3055334243332
Colantropo, Jim442231323824
Compton, Doris856434345337
Compton, Doris453232343829
Condon, Bill2556434345337
Condon, Bill3431213321522
Daltas, Arthur1655334343333
Daltas, Arthur443232323726
Demoy, John4255334344233
Demoy, John442232332825
Dwyer, John2045334343231
Dwyer, John343232422625
Fischer, John2255334334232
Fischer, John443333332428
Fitzpatrick, Ken1166535345340
Fitzpatrick, Ken4442323421228
Fleiss, Dick1355435343335
Fleiss, Dick444242323728
Flynn, Jay2756435344337
Flynn, Jay3432423321126
Foley, Ed2155335344234
Foley, Ed4322423311024
Garland, Jeff (Guy)2655424334333
Garland, Jeff (Guy)443132233825
Girard, Bob2244334344231
Girard, Bob333232432625
Han, Ken2154425334333
Han, Ken4231422321023
Healy, Don3066434244336
Healy, Don5432313321026
Heneghan, Debbie1376536455344
Heneghan, Debbie4331423312024
Kane, John1666435344338
Kane, John4432323321226
Kerr, Walter4355334244232
Kerr, Walter4322313311022
Kirk, Jim2955424334232
Kirk, Jim444132232725
Kvaal, Bob1245435344335
Kvaal, Bob344242433629
Levy, Steven1255334344233
Levy, Steven443232332726
Lim, Frank1765434344336
Lim, Frank5332323321026
Lombardi, Danny466445344339
Lombardi, Danny553342333831
Magro, Ric3654334344232
Magro, Ric433232432626
Marrier, Paul2354333234229
Marrier, Paul433221332623
McDonald, Dave765445335338
McDonald, Dave543342242929
Mickelsen, Mike3545423343230
Mickelsen, Mike344123422525
Mungo, John1365545355341
Mungo, John4342313321625
O'Connor, Michael1645434334232
O'Connor, Michael344232332626
Paine, Ros256545345542
Paine, Ros455342445636
Peters, Art1176536344341
Peters, Art5442423221328
Rittenburg, Andrew2555424334232
Rittenburg, Andrew4331322311022
Russo, Steve854334345334
Russo, Steve433232443628
Sciarretta, Bill3055434243232
Sciarretta, Bill443231322824
Snow, Mary1966435344338
Snow, Mary4431323221424
Sodano, Roy G.678646457350
Sodano, Roy G.5642423511832
Southwick, Peter855424334333
Southwick, Peter444233343330
Spence, Mike1955434344234
Spence, Mike443232331925
Ste. Marie, Phil1666434435338
Ste. Marie, Phil4432232421226
Thomson, Mark1066335354338
Thomson, Mark4422424321127
Tobey, Norm677434345441
Tobey, Norm5531223331427
Torossian, Carl577645456347
Torossian, Carl5542323411829
Wales, Ted956435334336
Wales, Ted453242233828
Wanderer, Thomas1366436345340
Wanderer, Thomas4421412311822
Weiland, Karl1065435344337
Weiland, Karl4332423321126
Wetherbee, Richard1766435344338
Wetherbee, Richard4432323221325
Wilson, Ted1856434344235
Wilson, Ted4432323311025
Wiseman, Dan3355434244233
Wiseman, Dan444231332726
Yee, Peter1066434344337
Yee, Peter4432323321126