Best Ball Tournament Rules

  1. Two-person teams (for Two-Person, Best Ball tournaments) and four-person teams (for Four-Person, Best Ball tournaments) and the groupings for tee times will be composed by the League Starter.
  2. Players will hit from their regular tees. Do not take any “gimmes.” Record all strokes, but see #8 below.
  3. The League Handicapper and Starter will match all players randomly into two-person or four-person teams; one from A-Flight and one from B-Flight or one each from A, B, C, and D flights as appropriate. All members of a team tee off together. At the completion of each hole, the gross strokes of each player are recorded. Then each player’s handicap strokes, if any, are subtracted, and that net score for each player is recorded. The team score for that hole is the lowest of its players’ net scores. The team’s score for the round is the total of the team’s net score on each hole. The winning team has the lowest net score.
  4. Before the tournament starts, the League Handicapper will randomly select one or more players to be used, only if necessary, as a “fill-in.” Such players play as regular members of a team, but also have their scores included on a second team, for example, as the fourth player on a team that would otherwise have only three players. Consequently a “fill-in” can be on more than one winning team, although they cannot win more than one team prize in the tournament.
  5. Ties will be broken by the net score of each team on the toughest handicap hole (lower scores are better). If necessary, scores on the next toughest will be examined, etc.
  6. Tournament handicap flights/groups are determined by the League Handicapper and vary depending on who signs up for the tournament. Example: A-Flight: low handicaps like 3 to 12; B-Flight: higher handicaps like 13 to 18.
  7. Closest to the pin competition: second stroke on Hole #7; first stroke on #9. All players hit from their regular tees. Record the name of the player whose shot is on the green and closest to the pin and the ball’s distance to the pin on the placard provided by the course.
  8. Ninth Hole Greenie Drawing: Any player with tee shot on the #9 green is eligible for drawing. Record it on scorecard with an asterisk above the score on #9. Tournament committee will draw the winner. Closest to the pin winner is not eligible.
  9. It is okay for a player to pick up on a hole if he or she is having a “bad hole.”  The team must then use the net score of a player who does not pick up.  Meaning that at least one player on a team must hole out on each hole.