The Senior Golf League Beginnings

Ted Gorczyca, circa 2013

The origin of The Senior Golf League is not a specific point in time. Around 1995 three men started getting together regularly to play golf at Lexington’s Pine Meadows. They invited friends and for a time this informal group grew. Then two of the original men moved away and the group began to dwindle. The remaining leader was Lexington resident Thaddeus “Ted” Gorczyca. 

Ted, encouraged by his wife Anita, decided to put announcements about the league at the Lexington community center, in community announcements and in local publications. The league began to grow again and new leaders offered to help Ted manage the group’s activities.

Ted was a career Air Force officer who served in Korea and Vietnam. Following his service, he worked as a mechanical engineer at Stone and Webster.

In Memorium

2005      Clark A. Cowen

2010      Martha Bowen Vorenberg

2012      William “Bill” J. Heffner

                James “Jim” G. Leavitt

2014      Robert “Bob” H. Dunbar

               Melvin “Mel” W. Tracey

2015      Reinier A. Courant

2016      Thaddeus “Ted” Gorczyca

               Bennett “Ben” E. Sharples

               Graydon M. Wheaton

2017      Donald “Donnie” B. Pierce

               Patrick “Pat” M. Toscano

2018      Louis “Lew” D. Caram

               James “Jim” J. Scanlon

2020      Alexander “Alex” G. Fedoroff

              Norman “Norm” H. Niven

2022      John Mungo

2023      David “Dave” Martell

2024      Roy Sodano