Individual Net Tournament Rules


  1. Foursomes for tee times will be composed by the League Starter, but each golfer is scored individually (see below).
  2. Players will hit from their regular tees.
  3. Each player plays his or her own ball and scores for all players are recorded on a single scorecard for the foursome in the normal way. Record all strokes. Do not pick up if you are having a bad hole. Do not take any “gimmes.”
  4. A net score is calculated for each competitor by the League Handicapper by subtracting each player’s current handicap from his or her gross number of strokes for the round. Winners have the lowest net scores.
  5. Ties will be broken by the net score of each golfer on the toughest handicap hole (lower scores are better). If necessary, scores on the next toughest will be examined, etc.
  6. Closest to the pin competition: second stroke on Hole #7; first stroke on #9. All players hit from their regular tees. Record the name of the player whose shot is on the green and closest to the pin and the ball’s distance to the pin on the placard provided by the course.
  7. Ninth Hole Greenie Drawing: Any player with tee shot on the #9 green is eligible for drawing. Record it on scorecard with an asterisk above the score on #9. Tournament committee will draw the winner. Closest to the pin winner is not eligible.