TSGL handicaps are custom, nine-hole course handicaps based on a minimum of five rounds played with TSGL and generally based on the best 10 of the last 20 rounds played with TSGL. Because they are custom to TSGL, they cannot be used at other courses or with other groups. For details, see TSGL Handicapper.

Having a TSGL handicap is a requirement for entering a TSGL tournament.

The most important factor for establishing a TSGL handicap is that you play from the tees that give you the most enjoyment. If playing from the gold tees means that you are locked into getting pars and bogies and playing from the whites means that you’re struggling for bogies and double bogies, then play from the golds. Similarly if you are internally debating between the whites and blues.

If you are going to play in our tournaments, then you need to play all the time from the same tees, and play from those same tees in the tournaments, so your handicap can fairly represent your play. If you start playing from one set of tees early in the year and change to another, be sure to report that change to the Handicapper.

Two views of League handicaps are shown below.

TSGL Names and Handicaps

Shows each golfer and his or her current TSGL handicap. The “N” after the value is a reminder that it is a nine-hole handicap. A handicap of “*” indicates that not enough nine-hole rounds have yet been played to establish a TSGL handicap.

You can search for a name by entering it in the “Search” field. You can change the number of visible entries by modifying the number in the “Show entries” field. You can show the next group of entries by clicking on “Previous” or “Next” at the bottom right of the entries. You can sort the entries by handicap by clicking on the arrowheads on the far right of the “Handicap” column.

Member Handicap Cards

Shows the most recent 20 scores for each golfer with the best 10 scores highlighted. For golfers with less than 20 recorded scores, all scores are shown. The highlighted scores are the ones used to calculate a handicap.

Members are listed alphabetically by last name. If scroll arrows are not visible at the bottom of the page, then tap or click at the bottom of the page and scroll arrows should appear. Then tap or click on an arrow to scroll up or down.

TSGL Names and Handicaps through May 1, 2023

Agostino, Pat 11N
Allen, Walter 5N
Arenburg, Bruce 14N
Atkins, Rick 5N
Baatz, Eric 4N
Barbera, Arthur 15N
Barr, Jack 16N
Barrow, John 11N
Berry, Steve 13N
Black, David 8N
Breen, John 7N
Cameron, Jerry 4N
Carroll, A. George 11N
Chang, John B. 7N
Chefalo, Jim 5N
Colantropo, Jim 9N
Compton, Doris 8N
Conant, Dick 7N
Condon, Bill 14N
Daltas, Arthur 8N
Driscoll, Bob 7N
Dwyer, John 7N
Elk, Bill 10N
Finkle, Michael 11N
Fischer, John 4N
Fitzpatrick, Ken 12N
Fleiss, Dick 10N
Flynn, Jay 11N
Foley, Ed 10N
Foster, James 9N
Gannon, Tom 6N
Garland, Jeff (Guy) 7N
Girard, Bob 5N
Han, Ken 9N
Healy, Don 10N
Heneghan, Debbie 20N
Jarvis, Guy 11N
Kane, John 14N
Kerr, Walter 9N
Kirk, Jim 8N
Koepper, Mark 7N
Kvaal, Bob 6N
Levine, Andy *
Levy, Steven 7N
Lim, Frank 10N
Lombardi, Dan 8N
Magro, Ric 5N
Marrier, Paul 7N
McCarthy, Bill 5N
McDonald, Dave 11N
Mickelsen, Mike 5N
Moran, Phil 14N
O'Connor, Mike 5N
Paine, Ros 6N
Peters, Art 15N
Rittenburg, Andrew 11N
Russo, Steve 6N
Sameiro, Dave *
Savitz, Janice *
Schwartz, John *
Sciarretta, Bill 8N
Snow, Mary 14N
Southwick, Peter 3N
Spano, Orlando *
Spence, Mike 9N
Ste. Marie, Phil 12N
Stuart, Doug 11N
Thompson, Mark 11N
Tobey, Norm 14N
Wales, Ted 10N
Wanderer, Thomas 18N
Weiland, Karl 10N
Wetherbee, Richard 11N
Willey, Dan 10N
Wilson, Ted 10N
Wiseman, Dan 9N
Wright, Jim 10N
Yee, Peter 12N

Member Handicap Cards