You, too, can help TSGL continue as a great, fun league for all!

We have 87 active members in the Senior Golf League and about 8 of those (including 5 committee members) keep the league running.  We could use 6-8 more participants. Helping out is actually fun. You get to talk with and work a bit closer with members of the league and you get to know names and facts much better than just playing the rounds of golf. Alas, there are no salaries, but you’ll get appreciated and recognized!


We have three areas of need.  Please let us know if you have a few hours here or there during the season and which area(s) might work for you.  Contact information is below.  



This currently is a major gap.  Our back-up handicapper (Eric Baatz, who once was our main handicapper) has moved, so you better hope that Mike Mickelsen is not run over by a bus.  We use a 2012 Windows based software program which works well for us and it’s FREE, a big fee-saver for our league.  The handicapper gets all the scorecards from the league email site for that golf day and records them into the golf software.  The software is then used to generate spreadsheets which the handicapper uses to produce our highlight blurb for each session as well as monthly handicap reports for each tournament.   


Skills/equipment needed: Access to a Windows computer, comfort using Windows. Some knowledge of Excel is helpful.  Mike would train any volunteer.


Time Involved: About 3-4 hours for each week that a volunteer handles.  Ideally the season would be divided between 2 or 3 people.    



Scheduling tee times for our Monday & Thursday outings is fundamental to our league.  The scheduler uses our league email to monitor and reply to each tee time request and updates a spreadsheet with the tee time information.  An estimate of the number of tee times is sent to Pine Meadows a couple of days ahead of the play date; then, a list of actual tee times is sent to the players and the course the day before play. 


Skills/equipment needed:  Access to a Mac or Windows-based computer and a basic ability to update a spreadsheet (or be willing to learn); comfort with emailing. It’s quite easy – Andy Rittenburg will train any volunteer.


Time Involved: A scheduling volunteer typically schedules 4 to 8 total golf days (one or two 2-week sessions during weeks that work for the volunteer) over the course of the April through October season. About 1/2 hour a day for each week of scheduling. 6 – 8 volunteers needed.



The third activity is arranging our 18-hole excursions to golf courses in the area usually for Tuesdays or Wednesdays each week.  An organizer contacts a golf course to reserve tee times. Then he or she uses their own email to send an invitation to a special email list. After seeing how many people want to play, the organizer confirms a final number with the golf course; or cancels everything if the weather turns awful.  


Skills needed: Comfort with email. Some familiarity with other area golf courses is helpful. Jim Colantropo coordinates the volunteer organizers, and provides access to a spreadsheet of courses in the region and which ones have been played in recent years.


Time involved:  About 1-2 hours total for each excursion; ideally spread across 4-6 volunteers over the season.


Please Chat With Us

Help keep our league functioning well. We are happy to talk with you anytime on the course or off. Thank you:   Rick Atkins, Jim Colantropo, Arthur Daltas, Mike Mickelsen, Andy Rittenburg.