The Senior Golf League officially began scheduling foursomes on March 28th.  The first couple of rounds are just for practice.  We will start collecting and recording results for handicap purposes on April 4th.  We play on Monday and Thursday mornings beginning at 8:24 AM.  You can sign up for the next play date starting at 2 PM on the current play date. For example, sign up for Monday, April 4th starting at 2:00 PM March 31st.


As most of you know, we have a league website To access the website, click on any of the links in blue in this email or go to tsglma.orgThe website is the best place to get up-to-date information about the League schedule, tournament results, and other news, as well as pictures of fellow golfers in action.  It is also the best place to request tee times (tee times) or to get in touch with us for any other reason (contact us).  Also check out the new Search function!  For those who don’t want to access the Internet, we will continue to send basic information via emails.


As stated above, the preferred method for requesting tee times is to use the website.  You can also request tee times by email, but please follow the guidelines which you can find at Tee TimesA lot of emails come into our email account.  We may miss tee time requests if they don’t follow the guidelines regarding format and timing. Don’t forget to include your name!   

Important: Remember that we recommend getting in your requests at least 48 hours before the scheduled tee time. After that we may have to return unallocated tee times to Pine Meadows for reassignment to non-League golfers. Also, we have several prospective new members this year, making it likely that we will fill all of our available tee times. We will give priority to existing members, but slots will be assigned to prospective members at some point.

Continue to report scores by email starting April 4th.  The preferred method is to take a photo of your group’s scorecard on your phone and send it to the league email address while you are still on the course.  This ensures timely reporting and is the best way to avoid recording errors.  See details at Reporting Your Score.


We will have our usual monthly tournaments starting with a 4-person team Scramble on May 5th.  There will be three 4-person team events, two 2-person team events, and one Individual event. Let us know what you think either before or after trying them out.  See the complete Schedule here.  

Also remember that there will be an overall TSGL Season Champion.   He or she will be the person who accumulates the most total points in the monthly tournaments, based on finishing first, second, or third, including ties.  The more tournaments you enter, the more chances you have to pile up points.


Safety guidelines are less stringent than last year, but the pandemic is still with us.  Basic information from is shown at COVID-19 Guidance.   The League or Pine Meadows management will let you know if there are changes during the year.   Please be careful and be considerate of the staff and your fellow golfers.  

Please also see the notes on Speed of Play.  A round of golf is much more pleasant if one doesn’t frequently have to wait on another group.  None of us move as fast as we once did, but observing a few simple practices can speed things up a lot.