The Senior Golf League will resume having foursomes on Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:00am as soon as Pine Meadow opens.  We expect that to be on or about March 15th.  We will let you know when you can start to book tee times as soon as we have a firm date from the golf course.   We will switch to 8:30 start times or thereabouts on April 5th when the weather hopefully will be a little warmer.  We will also start collecting and recording results for handicap purposes on April 5th.  


The big news for this year is that we have a website.  To access the website, click on any of the links in blue in this email or go to .  The website will be the best place to get up-to-date information about the league schedule, tournament results and other news.  For those who don’t want to access the Internet, we will continue to send basic information via emails. 

In the past, some folks have used the TSGL member list to send bulk emails with jokes or items of interest.  We request that you refrain from doing that.  There are a number of reasons for this.  The most serious is that a seemingly innocent attachment can contain a virus or worm that can damage people’s computers or compromise their security.  Also, the content of the message may offend or upset someone.  And some of us just get too many emails.   The League will not send such messages.  If you get unwanted emails, please ask the sender to remove you from their mailing list. 


We will have our usual monthly tournaments starting on May 3rd.  We will be experimenting with a few new formats this year.  Let us know what you think either before or after trying them out.  The complete schedule along with explanations is shown at Schedule on the website.  

Another new twist is selection of an overall TSGL Season Champion.   He or she will be the person who accumulates the most total points in the monthly tournaments, based on finishing first, second, or third, including ties.  The more tournaments you enter, the more chances you have to pile up points. 


You can contact the league via email, exactly like last year, or by using the Contact Us link on the website.  However, we will not use the website to book tee times.  Instead follow the same procedure as last year which you can find at Tee Times.   

Also, starting April 5th, be sure to record your group’s scores (preferably with a photo on your phone) and send them to the league email address.  See details at Reporting Scores.   


Similar safety procedures to those last year are in effect for the start of this year.  Basic information from is shown at Rules.   The League or Pine Meadow management will let you know if there are changes during the year.   Please be careful and be considerate of the staff and your fellow golfers.  The pandemic isn’t over yet.

Please also see the notes on Speed of Play.  A round of golf is much more pleasant if one doesn’t frequently have to wait on another group.  None of us move as fast as we once did, but observing a few simple practices can speed things up a lot.