The Planning Committee
  • Arranges 9-hole golf rounds for members and provides the necessary communication with the course and town, handicaps, rules, and pairings.
  • Arranges member tournaments and collects fees to support them and other membership activities
  • Acknowledges members’ illnesses, deaths, and other life events through visiting, talking, sending cards and flowers, and notifying other members.
  • Arranges occasional “excursions” opportunities to Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire courses for members who have expressed interest.
  • Encourages camaraderie on the course and at events like a year-end luncheon.

The Committee decides by majority consensus on issues related to the existence and functioning of The Senior Golf League. Emeritus members are non-voting advisors. Committee members are added by a majority agreement of the current Committee members.

Planning Committee Members and Responsibilities

Arthur DaltasMeetings chair, Town & Course liaison, excursions, Treasurer
Mike MickelsenHandicapper, communications, assistant Treasurer
Andy RittenburgDaily pairings/Starter
Jim ColantropoEvents, Excursions
Eric BaatzEmeritus, Webmaster
John DemoyEmeritus
Jim KirkEmeritus
Youngjo SulEmeritus
Peter YeeEmeritus