April 26 Highlights

Low Net: Jerry Cameron 33, Paul Marrier 34
Breaking 40: Jerry Cameron 38
Birdies: Jerry Cameron #5

Tournament Information

  •  Dates to remember: Our first tournament is next Monday, May 3rd. Sign up begins after 2pm on this Thursday, April 29th.  Be sure to get your request in before Saturday at 8:30am.  Tournaments are popular and we may not be able to reserve enough tee times to accommodate everyone, so book early.  
  • Non-tournament entries: If you sign up to play on Monday, you will automatically be enrolled in the tournament unless you specifically state that you don’t want to be entered. Non-tournament entries will be assigned a tentative tee time, but priority will go to tournament entries.  We will let everyone know by Saturday morning if your tee time request was successful.  
  • Eligibility: You must have at least 5 Senior Golf League recorded scores to establish a handicap to be eligible for tournaments. Scores turned in on Thursday, April 29th will be counted.  Scores from prior years will also be counted.  
  • Handicaps: Handicaps are based on the bet 10 of your last 20 scores. They will be available on the website after Thursday’s round.  
  • Fees: The fee for the tournamentwill be $5.00.  Please bring the exact amount in an envelope and place it in the box on the counter in the club-house.  If you haven’t paid your annual dues of $10.00 yet, then please place that amount in a separate envelope in the same box.  Be sure your name is on each envelope along with “Tournament” or “Dues”.  
  • Format: Two-man low-net with each team consisting of 1 “low handicap” player and 1 “high handicap” player, randomly selected before the tournament.
  • Rules: Complete tournament rules are shown here. In particular, please use the same tees you regularly use since your handicap is based on those tees.  Also, remember that roll overs are allowed in the fairway, but not in the rough. Sink all your putts.  No gimmes.  Finally, note that you should count all strokes.  Do not pick up if you are having a rough hole.