Tournament News

Our next tournament is a 2-Person Blind Draw Total Net Tournament on Monday, August 1st.  Note: Because of time constraints in providing tee times to Pine Meadows, you must reserve your tee time between 2pm on Thursday, July 28th and 8:00am on Saturday, July 30th.  

“Non-Tournament” Players

If you would like a tee time on Monday, but do not want to play in the tournament, be sure to note that on your tee-time request or you will be automatically entered in the tournament.  Also be aware that tournament golfers will get priority over non-tournament golfers if we fill our maximum tee times.  

2-Person Blind Draw Tournament – How it Works

The League Handicapper and Starter will match all golfers randomly into two-person teams; one from A-Flight and one from B-Flight. Both members of a team tee off together playing a normal round. Just keep one scorecard for your foursome as usual.  Turn your scorecard in at the clubhouse after your round.  The Handicapper will subtract handicaps and calculate the total net score for each two-person team.  

For the complete Tournament Rules click on this link Blind Draw Tournament Rules.

Rules to Remember

Naturally we should all memorize the entire USGA rule book.  For this tournament, particularly bear in mind:

  • Each person plays their own ball on every hole.
  • There are no gimmes.  Putt out on every hole.
  • Don’t pick up if you are having a bad hole.  You need to count every stroke.
  • TSGL local rules allow you to move your ball off a tree root for trees that lie near the fairway or from an area that will cause damage to you or your club.
  • Otherwise TSGL local rules allow “roll-overs” in the fairway only.  Balls in the rough must be played as they lie.    
  • TSGL local rules allow a penalty of one stroke for balls out of bounds.  Drop the ball within two club lengths of the place where the ball went out of bounds.   
  • Have fun out there!