August 2nd Tournament Results

It was a gorgeous day for golf. There were still a few damp spots on the course, but mostly it was in great shape and there were no issues with using riding carts. Nice change from last month’s tournament.

Folks seemed to like the Drop Scramble format. It helped to ensure that all players got a chance to contribute to the bottom line. The number of people who signed up wasn’t exactly divisible by 4. Also there were a couple of last minute scratches. That resulted in three teams that had only three players.

The first place team shot an outstanding combined 30! We always seem to have at least one tie. This time it was teams 6 and 8 who both had scores of 34. Both teams had par on #2 (hardest hole) so the tie breaker went to hole #1 where team 8 had a birdie to beat out team 6’s par.

The winners were:
First Place ($20 each): Eric Baatz, Jim Colantropo, John Breen (30)
Second Place ($15 each): Mike Mickelsen, Jim Kirk, Arthur Barbera (34)
Third Place ($10 each): Bob Kvaal, Mike Spence, Karl Weiland, Ken Fitzpatrick (34)
Closet to the pin on #7 ($15): Mike Mickelsen (6′ 6-1/2″)
Closest to the pin on #9 ($15): Mike O’Connor (10′ 6″)

In the season-long Championship race, Jim Colantropo extended his lead.

Click on this link for tournament results details.