…”What score is it going to take to win?”
There isn’t an easy answer for that, other than the not very useful “It depends.”
What I think is useful is noting that if your team is under par (34 or lower), you’ll probably be in the money. So work real hard at making sure your team makes no worse than par on every hole, and sink a couple of putts, and you never know.

For those of you who like the details, you can go to


to see all the results of all of our tournaments for the last ten years. Thanks to Peter Yee for providing many of the older results.

Here is a bare bones summary of the winning scores from our Scrambles, which we first played in 2016:
8/2/2021 Drop Scramble: 30, 34, 34
6/3/2021 Scramble: 31, 33, 34, 34
7/6/2020 Scramble: 32, 33, 33
7/8/2019 Scramble: 33, 33, 34, 34
7/9/2018 Scramble: 32, 34, 34, 34
7/10/2017 Scramble: 35, 36, 36
7/11/2016: Scramble 34, 35, 35, 35
Eric Baatz