Because of time constraints in providing tee times to Pine Meadows and the time it takes to set up for the tournament, if you want to play in the tournament, you must request a tee time by email between 10 AM on Sunday, July 4th and 8:30 AM on Tuesday, July 6th. If you would like a tee time on Thursday, July 8th, but do not want to play in the tournament, be sure to note that on your tee time request or you will be automatically entered in the tournament.  Also be aware that tournament players will get priority over non-tournament players if we fill our maximum tee times. 

A scorecard will be provided for each 2-person team.  See the sample just below. It will list the golfers on the team and show their total handicaps and the strokes each golfer subtracts on each hole.  Just write down each golfer’s score.  Then subtract the first golfer’s handicap for that hole and write the total in the golfer’s “Net Score by Hole.”  Do the same for the second golfer.  Then write whichever net score is lower in the “Best Ball Score” box for that hole.  Add the Best Ball Scores for all 9 holes to get the team’s final score.

In this sample, Golfer 1 scores 6 on hole #1. Subtracting his/her handicap of 1 on the hole means that Golfer 1’s Net Score By Hole is 5. Golfer 2 also scores 6 on hole #1. Subtracting his/her handicap of 2 on that hole means that Golfer 2’s Net Score By Hole is 4, so the team’s Best Ball Score on hole #1 is 4. Continuing in this way, Team 12’s final score is 33.

If you have trouble reading the sample above, move your cursor under the picture and a control bar will appear. Click on the “+” or “-” to change the magnification of the picture. Right click and hold and then drag to move the picture within its window.