Tournament Update

The weather looks promising, so we are expecting to have our July tournament this Thursday as rescheduled.   We are hopeful that riding carts will be allowed on all holes for those who need them. In that case, we will have a regular 9-hole tournament as described here.  

In the event that carts are not allowed on holes 1 and 2, we will have a 7-hole tournament.  Walkers can play holes 1 and 2, but they will not be counted as part of the tournament scores.  It will still be a 2-person best ball tournament counting only the scores for holes 3 through 9.  

Casual Water

There may be casual water at various places on the course.  If your ball or your stance are in casual; water, you may move your ball to a dry spot no closer to the hole within one club length of your nearest point of relief.  Note: this does not apply to areas marked with red or yellow stakes.  Those are penalty areas.  You must take a stroke if you cannot play your ball where it lies in a penalty area.