May 6th Highlights
Low Net: Jeff Garland 33, Don Healy 36, Phil Ste. Marie 36
Breaking 40: Yes, we have no bananas, today
Birdies: Walter Kerr #3, John Fischer #3 and #9
  1. If you haven’t paid your dues, please remember to bring $10 the next time you play.  Look for our box with envelopes in the clubhouse.  Please make sure your name is on the envelope.  
  2. Remember to send in your scorecards in a timely manner.  It is best to take a picture as soon as the round is over and email it to tsglmanagement.  Please enter a subject on your email: Scores mm/dd.
  3. Holes 5 and 8 ate us up today.  Not a single par on either one.