Highlights for September 30th
Hole #8 is supposed to be relatively difficult, but 3 of today’s 4 birdies were scored there by Eric Baatz, John Dwyer, and Mike Mickelsen.  Ted Wilson turned in a birdie on #9.   Other highlights:

Breaking 40: Eric Baatz 39
Low Net: Bill Sciarretta 33, Eric Baatz 34, John Demoy 34

We will not update handicaps from any scores for the rest of the year.  You are welcome to keep your own scores, but you don’t need to turn them in for any dates after Monday’s tournament.  

Notes on the year end tournament
  1. The format for the tournament is Individual Net  One person keeps score on a regular Pine Meadow scorecard for everyone in the foursome just like a normal week.  Leave your scorecard in the clubhouse at the end of the round.  A member of the Planning Committee will record the scores and subtract handicaps to determine the winners.   
  2. Remember: no pick-ups, no gimmes.  You must hole out on every hole to be eligible for prizes.     
  3. Roll-overs are allowed in the fairway only.  You can move your ball a few inches no closer to the hole to improve your lie.  
  4. Record scores for Closest to the Pin on the placard provided by the course.   
  5. TSGL local rule: If the ball goes out of bounds, drop a ball within two club lengths of where it crossed the boundary with a penalty of one stroke.   
  6. Have fun out there!