Tournament Postponed 

The weather forecast for this Monday, October 4, looks pretty gloomy.  We are postponing the Individual Net Tournament until Thursday, October 7.  But, we are offering a one-time only special!  If you can’t play on Thursday, you can play on Monday, October 11 and count that as your tournament score.  No, you don’t get to double dip.  If you play on October 7, that day’s score is your tournament score.  You can still play for “fun” on October 11. 
We normally move postponed tournaments a week.  Some people only play on Thursdays, some on Mondays.  On the other hand, Monday, October 11, is a holiday.  Some folks have plans for that day and the course charges holiday rates.   Also, as it gets later in the year, the weather is getting colder.  So we tried to come up with the best of both worlds–only possible for an individual tournament, which this one happens to be.   
Because of the unusual schedule, be sure to clearly indicate when you sign up whether or not you want to be in the tournament.  

If you signed up to play this Monday, October 4, then you are still signed up to play that day. but you are not signed up for the tournament.  Please let the course know if you are not going to play.  You can sign up for the postponed tournament in the usual way after 2pm on the day of the previous round.