June 7th and June 10th
There were more low scores on Monday than on Thursday, but what a gorgeous day for golf!  Keep your fingers crossed for more days like this one.  

Monday Highlights
Birdies: Bob Girard #2, Paul Marrier #3, Mike Mickelsen #1
Sub-40: Mike Mickelsen 37, Bob Girard 38, Eric Baatz 38
Low Net: Ted Wilson 30, Eric Baatz 32, Steve Berry 32, Mike Mickelsen 32
Thursday Highlights
Birdies: Mike Mickelsen #1 (yep, twice in the same week), Andy Rittenburg #9, Jim Kirk #9
Sub-40: Several 40s and 41s, but nobody under 40
Low Net: Andy Rittenburg 33, Ric Magro 34, Jim Kirk 34, Ted Wilson 34